The Most Engaging Fantasy Cricket Apps List (2022 Guide)

Cricket is one of the best inventions of the English people and is celebrated worldwide like
no other game. Cricket fans are the craziest and scale any amount of trouble to play the
game, whether online or offline.

In 2022 thousands of people are engrossed in playing video games, and they have a
mindset that is completely focused on doing whatever they can to get their hands on
authentic entertainment on their cellphones. Fantasy Cricket apps are amazingly intuitive
and cover most of the online gaming section. To play your favorite Cricket fantasy game with
live updates, you need to download the best fantasy Cricket app by reviewing a few on the
play store.

Let’s check out the list below of some of the top fantasy Cricket apps you must play if you
are a fan of the gentleman’s game.

The Most Engaging Fantasy Cricket Apps List


If you are serious about Cricket and the specter of the game hovers over your head
constantly, then this one’s for you. This fantasy game was launched in 2017 and
immediately gained a lot of good reviews on the internet after neatly executing some of the
best features in fantasy gaming. Playing on this app is a glitch-free experience, and the
creators have listened to the demands of users to keep up with the friendly usage of the app.

You can easily keep track of players’ performances and create your team to play against
online rivals. The app also offers rewards daily to all players who log in. Whatever you win
will be transferred to your bank account seamlessly. Start playing today by visiting their
website and downloading the app to install the game on your device.

MPL Fantasy Cricket

MPL is one of the top-reviewed apps for playing fantasy Cricket. The game has been
downloaded over a thousand times from online stores, and fans are really happy with how it
turned out to help them win the most amazing prizes and online leagues. To play this new-
age Cricket, download fantasy app from MPL by visiting their website and getting a link on
your phone or straight from the iOS or Android app stores. A very interactive interface greets
you every time you use the app, and it is much easier to maneuver than other fantasy
Cricket apps on the market. You get notifications each time there is some new update event
or if the game has gone through a beneficial update. The developers are always super busy
maintaining the game’s performance so that you will find it a bug-free and zero-glitch

Dream 11

One of the biggest fantasy Cricket apps on the list is Dream 11. The user base of this app is
more than 8 crore. The gameplay is instantaneous, much like all other apps in the segment,
and you can get the information on live matches uploaded daily. Dream 11 has an expert
recommendation on the players you should select for your matches. The algorithm the
system is based on is quite innovative, unique, and one of a kind. If you run with most of the
choices, then you are bound to end up with a team that is a complete winner. This app will
assuredly get you one of the few best experiences of fantasy Cricket once you install the
app. This one is not supposed to be missed from the list as it is one of the classic fantasy
cricket games.

Vision 11

Vision 11 is another fantasy Cricket-playing app that provides a different game experience. It
helps in earning bonuses for the players through a reference from the app. The leagues on
Vision 11 is incredibly budget-friendly, and you can play in one by paying a very nominal
fee. An interesting element in the game is the reverse fantasy league. You get to choose the
worst players, and the team with the least points on the board is declared the winner of the
game. Apart from this, you can avail of regular discounts on deals, and the winnings you make
are instantaneously transferred to your account linked to the app, making withdrawals easy.
However, you should read the instructions and go through the policies when you install the
app and then continue playing it to be in the know.

My11Circle Fantasy Cricket App

My11Circle provides one of the best pool prize money among all Fantasy App games.
Despite having some of the largest winnings, the players can also play in small leagues if
they are not comfortable taking huge risks. The app has also spent some big bucks on getting Sourav Ganguly as its brand ambassador to pull in hundreds of players on their app.
The trust this app has built over the years is phenomenal by taking in Sourav and providing a
very good prize-winning facility to its users. For upcoming India vs. England ODIs, they have
the top prize settled at 1 crore, with a car also on the prize list. However, the visuals for the
game could be better, so the developers must focus on improving that to get more users to
play their game.

Final Words

Cricket fantasy apps are the most popular apps in the market. You can play in real-time
matches and improve your Cricket knowledge accordingly while earning many prizes. With
so many apps available in the market, choosing the best that matches your preferences in
playing fantasy Cricket is important. However, whatever your scale of choice, the ones
cataloged here have the mixture of all the right elements to keep you entertained and make
it a good time for you to spend on the app.

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